So there we all are at Game World at the MGM Grand playing video games.  Rj and I lose the group for a bit only to find them at the bar drunk!  When we ask what happened in such a short time,  a very drunk Galo told us the following........  The bartender there, Will, was real bored so he challenged Galo, Jay and Michelle to drink a whole pitcher of beer through straws in under 5 minutes.  So they completed the challenge in 4 minutes earning them another pitcher of beer.  Now Rj and I are told the 2 of us also must do this in under 5 minutes.  So the two of us put our drinking caps on, straws to the lips and finished that baby in under 3 minutes!




Here is Jay, Galo and Michelle going for their 4 minute pitcher record





...And here Rj and I smash the record in 3 minutes and 1 man less!




The post party celebration consisted of more beer and a special  birthday shot for each one of us